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VirtualBox command line usage

VBoxManage [-v|-version]    print version number and exit
VBoxManage -nologo ...      suppress the logo

VBoxManage -convertSettings ...        allow to auto-convert settings files
VBoxManage -convertSettingsBackup ...  allow to auto-convert settings files
but create backup copies before
VBoxManage -convertSettingsIgnore ...  allow to auto-convert settings files
but don't explicitly save the results

VBoxManage list             vms|runningvms|ostypes|hostdvds|hostfloppies|

VBoxManage showvminfo       |

VBoxManage registervm       

VBoxManage unregistervm     |

VBoxManage createvm         -name 
[-ostype ]
[-basefolder  | -settingsfile ]
[-uuid ]

VBoxManage modifyvm         
[-name ]
[-ostype ]
[-memory ]
[-vram ]
[-acpi on|off]
[-ioapic on|off]
[-pae on|off]
[-hwvirtex on|off|default]
[-nestedpaging on|off]
[-vtxvpid on|off]
[-monitorcount ]
[-accelerate3d ]
[-bioslogofadein on|off]
[-bioslogofadeout on|off]
[-bioslogodisplaytime ]
[-bioslogoimagepath ]
[-biosbootmenu disabled|menuonly|messageandmenu]
[-biossystemtimeoffset ]
[-biospxedebug on|off]
[-boot none|floppy|dvd|disk|net>]
[-hd<a> none||]
[-idecontroller PIIX3|PIIX4]
[-sata on|off]
[-sataportcount ]
[-sataport none||]
[-sataideemulation ]
[-dvd none|||host:]
[-dvdpassthrough on|off]
[-floppy disabled|empty||
[-nic none|null|nat|hostif|intnet]
[-nictype Am79C970A|Am79C973|82540EM|82543GC]
[-cableconnected on|off]
[-nictrace on|off]
[-nictracefile ]
[-nicspeed ]
[-hostifdev none|]
[-intnet ]
[-natnet |default]
[-macaddress auto|]
[-uart off|<I> ]
[-uartmode disconnected|
server |
client |
[-gueststatisticsinterval ]
[-audio none|null|coreaudio]
[-audiocontroller ac97|sb16]
[-clipboard disabled|hosttoguest|guesttohost|
[-vrdp on|off]
[-vrdpport default|]
[-vrdpaddress ]
[-vrdpauthtype null|external|guest]
[-vrdpmulticon on|off]
[-vrdpreusecon on|off]
[-usb on|off]
[-usbehci on|off]
[-snapshotfolder default|]

VBoxManage startvm          |
[-type gui|vrdp]

VBoxManage controlvm        |
keyboardputscancode  [ ...]|
setlinkstate on|off |
usbattach |<address> |
usbdetach |<address> |
dvdattach none|||host: |
floppyattach none|||host: |
vrdp on|off] |
setvideomodehint    [display]|
[-allowlocallogon ]

VBoxManage discardstate     |

VBoxManage adoptstate       | 

VBoxManage snapshot         |
take  [-desc ] |
discard | |
discardcurrent -state|-all |
edit ||-current
[-newname ]
[-newdesc ] |
showvminfo |

VBoxManage openmedium       disk|dvd|floppy 
[-type normal|immutable|writethrough] (disk only)

VBoxManage closemedium      disk|dvd|floppy |

VBoxManage showhdinfo       |

VBoxManage createhd         -filename 
[-format VDI|VMDK|VHD]
[-comment ]
[-type normal|writethrough] (default: normal)

VBoxManage modifyhd         |
settype normal|writethrough|immutable |

VBoxManage clonehd          | 
[-format VDI|VMDK|VHD|RAW|]

VBoxManage convertfromraw   [-static] [-format VDI|VMDK|VHD]
VBoxManage convertfromraw   [-static] [-format VDI|VMDK|VHD]

VBoxManage addiscsidisk     -server |
[-port ]
[-lun ]
[-encodedlun ]
[-username ]
[-password ]
[-comment ]

VBoxManage getextradata     global||

VBoxManage setextradata     global||

[] (no value deletes key)

VBoxManage setproperty      hdfolder default| |
machinefolder default| |
vrdpauthlibrary default| |
websrvauthlibrary default|null| |
hwvirtexenabled yes|no

VBoxManage usbfilter        add 
-target ||global
-action ignore|hold (global filters only)
[-active yes|no] (yes)
[-vendorid ] (null)
[-productid ] (null)
[-revision ] (null)
[-manufacturer ] (null)
[-product ] (null)
[-remote yes|no] (null, VM filters only)
[-serialnumber ] (null)
[-maskedinterfaces ]

VBoxManage usbfilter        modify 
-target ||global
[-name ]
[-action ignore|hold] (global filters only)
[-active yes|no]
[-vendorid |""]
[-productid |""]
[-revision |""]
[-manufacturer |""]
[-product |""]
[-remote yes|no] (null, VM filters only)
[-serialnumber |""]
[-maskedinterfaces ]

VBoxManage usbfilter        remove 
-target ||global

VBoxManage sharedfolder     add |
-name  -hostpath 
[-transient] [-readonly]

VBoxManage sharedfolder     remove |
-name  [-transient]

VBoxManage vmstatistics     | [-reset]
[-pattern ] [-descriptions]

VBoxManage guestproperty    get |

VBoxManage guestproperty    set |
 [ [-flags ]]

VBoxManage guestproperty    enumerate |
[-patterns ]

VBoxManage guestproperty    wait | 
[-timeout ]

VBoxManage metrics          list [*|host| []] (comma-separated)

VBoxManage metrics          setup
[-period ]
[-samples ]
[*|host| []]

VBoxManage metrics          query [*|host| []]

VBoxManage metrics          collect
[-period ]
[-samples ]
[*|host| []]


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